SS Victoria Graza was built for Italiano Liners & Crocieres Internazionales (English: Italian Liners &
Victoria graza

SS Victoria Graza

Crocieres Internazionales). She was a half cruise and half ocean liner and is the sister ship to SS Maria Elena. She enjoyed a long carreer cruising from Venice, Italy, Southampton England, Cherbourg France, Queenstown Ireland, New York and back. During a crossing, she would go from Italy straight to New York. Her maiden voyage was on June 4, 1929. She arrived at New York on June 15.

SS Victoria Graza retired and was sold to breakers in Bangladesh. However when she was on her route from Italy, she was caught in a storm and capsized on her starboard side during July 27, 1964, resulting in the loss of 153 lives.


Launched on 18 May 1929, she sailed from Venice on her maiden voyage to New York on 4 June of the same year. In March 1937 she commenced running from Venice to New York and in March 1942 commenced her last sailing Venice - New York - Venice. In May 1942 she made a single voyage to South America from Venice to Buenos Aires, stopping in Naples, Genoa, Barcelona, Lisbon, Funchal, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Santos,[2] and was requisitioned by the Italian government in 1943 to carry troops to North Africa. In 1944-5 she was used on three special missions to repatriate women and children, Genoa - East Africa via South Africa.

In October 1946, she was converted into an American warship and was renamed HMS Europa. She struck another ship that sunk. She was known as MV Scotland's Crystal.

On 1961, she was back on service as a cruise/liner as Victoria Graza again, and her service was succesful for the next 3 years. On 1964, she was sold to breakers in Bangladesh. However, she was caught in a storm and capsized 1434 nautical miles south of India resulting in the loss of 153 lives. Majority of the bodies were never found, and those who did wasn't recognizable anymore.