SS Queen Victoria was a transatlantic ocean liner built for Royalty Lines. She was the lead ship of the
Queen victoria

SS Queen Victoria

Elegant-class ocean liners, the others being SS Queen Maria (1913)  and SS Queen Anne (1914). Unlike her younger sister ships, SS Queen Victoria enjoyed a long and illustrous carreer, spanning 18 years from 1911 to 1929. However it was in 1929 when she was bombed and sank by the German warship SS German Gem, resulting in the loss of 534 lives which is fewer than half of her passengers which is 1, 213.

Her entire length was 796.6 feet, surpassing her sister ships by 6 feet, and a height of 87 feet (from keel to top of funnels). SS Queen Victoria achieved the Blue Riband for a short time and was taken 2 years later by SS Ocean Prince. 

By contrast with the SS Queen Victoria and her other sister ships, Queen Victoria had a long carreer. On the early morning hours of July 8, 1915, SS Queen Maria was torpedoed and sunk by German U-boat U-24, killing 165 people.. On March 16, 1919, SS Queen Anne exploded and sank near Halifax, Nova Scotia, killing 1, 223 people.


During 9:12 p.m. on 13 August 1929, the SS German Gem launched a grenade to SS Queen Victoria's bow without anyone noticing because the passengers were in the 1st class dining room. They were in there because it was the Captain, John H. Harton's 58th birthday. Eyewitnesses said the grenade exploded shortly after the captain gave his speech. Others said they heard a loud explosion on the bow and the ship started rocking. The grenade exploded, and the ship catches fire.

The bridge in the ship caught fire, and several crewmen were burned to death. A few, however, had escaped when they heard the explosion. Several lifeboats on the bow caught fire too, and they became unusable.

Panic spread throutought the ship, and in a matter of seconds, screaming was heard. The fire is now spreading to the first funnel, and a few lifeboats were launched. Another explosion rocked the ship and has caught with the lifeboats, burning them. After a few hours, almost the whole ship was on fire. Firefighting ships arrived after a few moments, and quenched the fire. The ship then suddenly listed about 50 degrees on the starboard side, and then sank after 1 hour and 35 minutes.

After the ship sank, a few chairs, a tarpaulin that had a few burnt holes, and two tables floated to the surface. The tarpaulin said: "Hap y Bi   d y Jo n Ha t   n". A few burnt bodies then started to float to the surface.